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2011 Mississippi Valley Poetry Chapbook Contest Accepting Submissions May 1, 2011

2011 Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest

2012 Collins Poetry Residency  Accepting Applications May 1-Aug 31, 2011

2011 Great River Writers Retreat Accepting Applications until June 1, 2011




The Midwest Writing Center Announces the
Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest

Congratulations to the 2010 Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest Winners!

First Place, National Contest
Aaron Patrick Flanagan, Make yr peace; say yr goodbyes
Due to a miscommunication with the printer, the final copy of Off Channel was sent to press
with a major error, for which we apologize. Off Channel and the Midwest Writing Center
strive to serve writers and poets to the best of our ability and we sincerely apologize to the
winner of our national Mississippi Valley Poetry contest, Aaron Patrick Flanagan. Flanagan's
poem "Make yr peace; say yr goodbyes" can be seen in its intended form by following the link

above. This issue is being reviewed so that this problem does not occur again.

First Place, Regional Contest
Brett Foster, Theater of Cruelty

Second Place, National Contest
Aaron Patrick Flanagan, Not a ghost story

Second Place, Regional Contest
Sue Howell, Balloons

Third Place, National Contest
E. Tammy Kim, Evanescence

Third Place, Regional Contest
Brett Foster, This Dear Geography




National Finalists:


Aaron Patrick Flanagan:  "Passing On," "Not a Ghost Story" and "Make yr peace; say yr goodbyes."

Marci Ameluxen:  "I Dreamed I Was the Egg," "Rain, Northwest Meaning," and "Last Visit with My Mother."


Deborah DeNicola:  "The Glass Darkly," and "From Santa Barbara."

Julia Meylor Simpson:  "Lost Children of the Prairie."


E.P. Schultz: "Thetis' Uncovered Guilt of Achilles' Heel" and "Under the Covers of Colossus."


Lois Parker Edstrom:  "Wellington Train Disaster."


Lynn Veach Sadler:  "Homeless."


Brooks Carver:  "Change of Seasons."


Joanne Lowery:  "Satan's Song" and "Nutcracker."


James K. Zimmerman:  "Sparrow Logic."


Salvatore Marici:  "Eve" and "Witness Crossing the Threshold."


Valerie Wallace:  "The Fawn" and "American Grace."

Carol Carpenter:  "What the Old Woman Sees from Her Frosted Window."


Richard Ilnicki:  "Primordial congealed fossilized."


E.Tammy Kim:  "Evanescence."


Catherine Moran:  "To remember the crossing."


Regional Finalists


Amie Whittemore: "The Problem of Naming."


Dallas Crow:  "Why I Am Not Frank O'Hara."


Susan Solomon:  "They Come and Go at Will" and "Fold."


Jacob Boyd:  "After the Ruined Birthday Party," "Lines Written Along the Fox River," and "Driving Drunk."


Sue Howell:  "Balloons," "Farmers Market, September," and "Odyssey Touring."


Kate Hutchinson:  "Scatter, Scatter (a double abecedarian)," "Metaphoric at 50," and "Trajectory."


E.P. Schultz:  "I Look for Signs."


Catherine Jagoe:  "Solstice Under Snow."


Brett Foster:  "Theater of Cruelty" and "This Dear Geography." 


Heather Derr-Smith:  "Thrown," "Shelter" and "Flood Aftermath."


Teddy Norris:  "Since Lucia's Been Gone."


Gail Goepfert:  "let nothing disentangle."


Gayle Rein: "A Solace of Sorts."


Joan Johannes:  "From Cradle Too."


Julia Gordon-Bramer:  "Pluto Will Always Be a Planet to Me."








   Copyright 2001 Midwest Writing Center