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Off Channel (2011)


62 pages
Cost: $8.00

S&H: $3.50 




About the book:

This collection features the winners and finalists in the 38th Annual Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest. Including:


  Judith Valente Joan Wiese Johannes Alessandra Simmons  
  Juliet Kerico Deborah DeNicola Austin Smith  
  David Pink Aaron Holst Julia Meylor-Simpson  
  Aubrey Ryan Kelly Fordon Alyssa Brown  
  Michele Harmeling Andrea England Julia Gordon-Bramer  
  Judith Valente Catherine Moran David Dowell  
  Joanne Lowery Jennifer Fandel Joe Chambers  
  Ellen Kelley Sal Marici Steve  Biehler  
  Nathanial McDowell Frank Pealstrom Zachary Abbey  
  Nancy Schaefer  




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